Give It Away Now

June 16, 2019
At the start of my final year of high school, I went to my first big concert. It was the Red Hot Chili Peppers, at the height of their success,…

Babbling Cities

June 9, 2019
The assigned lectionary scriptures for this Sunday contain stories of two cities receiving an influx of languages. Today is Pentecost Sunday—the holiday celebrating the birthday of the Church—but let's start…
Lots of folks nowadays are just waiting around for the ending. Some survivalists or “preppers” build fallout shelters with military-grade food rations, water purifiers, and supplies to rebuild civilization and…


May 26, 2019
Nearly every sermon on David and Goliath I’ve ever heard ultimately boils down to this: Tiny David could not defeat the giant Goliath on his own. But David had faith.…

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