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Boring Sermons

November 17, 2019
When I lived in DC and had no car, I worked hard to get to church. I had to arrange carpools for myself, walk several blocks and through a street…


November 10, 2019
The internet ruined the word “blessed” for me in recent years. Around 2013 on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, folks started posting happy things with the label #blessed. Sometimes it was…
At nearly every funeral I’ve attended, someone apologizes for crying. I understand saying sorry for tearing up on a first date at the movies. I get apologizing for crying at…
Today’s story features two pastimes beloved by all churches: needless bickering… and committee meetings. The result of the story was the decision that Gentile Christians do not have to become…

Here’s Your Sign

October 20, 2019
In the verses just before today’s scripture, Jesus miraculously fed 5,000 people with only two fish and five loaves of bread. But when those people wanted to make him a…

Warnings from Jude

October 13, 2019

If you were to ask a coworker or friend what “church” is, what would they tell you? If you asked an ordinary American what church was, what would they say?…
In our journey through Daniel, we’ve spent much of our time in history books, as Daniel had both royal court adventures and mystical visions spanning a series of ancient empires.…
Today we read a small part of a giant section. Daniel 10 has lots of juicy content, especially on angels, but for Daniel’s overall project, chapter 10 mostly functions as…
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