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One of my favorite Christmas jokes comes from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The three wise men mistakenly end up at the stable next door to the one where Jesus…
Christmas is a scary time. A Christmas Carol is frightening story of an old man terrorized by ghosts on Christmas Eve, which we somehow decided is a beloved classic. But…

Change is Gonna Come

December 22, 2019
Today’s scripture is the other pregnancy story of Christmas: the birth of John the Baptist to Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin, and Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah. This couple was extremely pious: Zechariah meets…

Will I Wait Forever?

December 15, 2019
John the Baptist is the world’s most famous public relations guru. In the gospel accounts, John’s entire purpose was to stir up the people, to get crowds pumped for this…

The War on Advent

December 1, 2019
There’s a war for America’s cultural soul going on. For centuries, people slowly stopped greeting each other in reference to this ancient winter season. Its name has been lost from…
Our scripture begins as a typical synagogue meeting. Synagogue custom then was any adult could preach on the weekly scripture reading. Since Jesus was visiting his hometown, it was only…

Boring Sermons

November 17, 2019
When I lived in DC and had no car, I worked hard to get to church. I had to arrange carpools for myself, walk several blocks and through a street…


November 10, 2019
The internet ruined the word “blessed” for me in recent years. Around 2013 on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere, folks started posting happy things with the label #blessed. Sometimes it was…
At nearly every funeral I’ve attended, someone apologizes for crying. I understand saying sorry for tearing up on a first date at the movies. I get apologizing for crying at…

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