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Why We Give

We give not from obligation or to get anything in return but out of gratitude for what the Lord has already given us: hope and salvation, family and friends, the beauty of creation, and the joy and privilege in sharing in God’s mission to redeem the world. We give because God entrusts us as stewards of his creation and of this ministry. We give to raise up future generations of believers and to care for the faithful in their old age. We give as an outpouring and expression of our faith.From a variety of reasons, we give in a variety of ways, from service and volunteering to financial and in-kind donations. However we are called to give, may we always do so in thankfulness for all the things God has already given us.

Online Giving
We encourage you to donate on Sunday mornings or via giving envelopes mailed out to all church members and regular attendees, as that avoids processing fees and so ensures all your money goes directly towards ministry. However, if for the sake of ease or speed you wish to give online, we gladly accept any offerings you wish to make via the online donation tool below.


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