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Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

It is with a sad but certain heart that I write this letter of resignation as pastor here at the First Presbyterian Church of Lapeer, effective January 24, 2021. This decision has been difficult and prayer-filled, but I firmly believe this is what God desires for myself and my family.

For over a year, I have sensed a call to move into a different kind of ministry. Yet I also felt God desired me to walk with this congregation through the difficulties that emerged in 2020. Now that we have some stability, I feel able to explore what God wants next for my ministry. Further, while my time here has been a tremendous opportunity for me, Carrie has felt called to fulltime work but found it difficult to obtain in Lapeer, and as marriage partners we want to ensure each of us can work out God’s calling for our lives, which is part of our discernment now as well. Finally, with my father’s death shortly after my arrival, concern for my mother has been heavy on my heart throughout my tenure here. With recurring wildfires and a pandemic on top, I feel called to move closer to home to better support my family.

I have been honored to share in the many successes of this church over the past four years. It has been a privilege to witness our hunger relief ministries blossom, a joy to see our sanctuary at last restored, a delight to experience the strong friendships that undergird this community, and an affirmation of purpose to explore scripture and faith alongside you all. This decision does not come from any hard feelings on my part but rather from a sense of being pulled back home for a season. I believe I have done what God desired from me here in Lapeer, and I believe that on the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic this congregation will be blessed by new pastoral leadership as it marches forward in faith.

I know transitions are difficult, and if you wish to speak with me, I would welcome such conversation. It has truly been a joy to grow in ministry alongside you all. As Carrie and I enter our own time of transition and seek God’s will for our own lives and ministries, we do so with gratitude for all our time and friends here.

In Christ,

Rev. Alex Peterson

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