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Our church reached out to McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital about any needs they may have.  Their volunteer manager provided us the following information. However, we as a church remind you to not take needless risks, even if you really want to help other people. One of the best things we all can do right now is practice good social distancing, and that means staying home and not going out unless it is truly necessary. For a fuller explanation of social distancing, click here.

If you really must give something, here is what McLaren Lapeer most needs as of today (3/27): if you drop these off in a plastic bag in our church’s downstairs choir room, Pastor Alex will drop everything off together every Friday.

Most-Needed Medical Supplies

    • New or unused disposable face shields
    • N-95 masks (sometimes called respirators)
    • Eye protection including face shields and safety goggles
    • Disposable gowns
    • Non-latex disposable gloves
    • Disposable surgical caps
    • Disposable shoe covers
    • Wipes: bleach or anti-microbial
    • Alcohol based hand-sanitizer
    • Specialized items, such as:
      • Max Air CAPR powered air purifying respirators and CAPR face cuffs
      • Nasal testing swabs
      • Viral testing kits

Supplies They Are Not Accepting

    • 3-D printed ventilator parts
    • Medications
    • Blankets
    • Medical equipment



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